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July 23rd: Favourite “Word From Our Sponsors” segment.

I’m having trouble remembering them, but I do remember the one from The Drawbridge which was just Cecil groaning aimlessly, which is a definite fave. As it was early days, imagine Carlos channel hopping on the radio and tuning into that like, “What the hell is going on?! Why is he groaning?!”

Sleep heavily and know that I am here with you. The past is gone, and cannot harm you anymore. And while the future is fast coming for you, it always flinches first, and settles in as the gentle present. This now, this us, we can cope with that. We can do this together you and I.
Cecil Baldwin, Welcome to Night Vale.  (via killyouranxiety)

(*small voice* as you wish)

“Cecil, what’s that?”

Cecil freezes, staring down with widening eyes at his hands poised over the laptop keyboard. Behind him he hears Carlos step into the living room, bringing with him the faint scent of lavender soap. Out of protective instinct Cecil quickly slams the laptop shut.

“Nothing, dear Carlos,” he answers sweetly, turning to face Carlos as he moves around the couch into view. The scientist is dressed in baggy pajamas patterned with tiny green test tubes. His dark curls are damp from the shower and he stands a few feet in front of the couch where the radio host sits, gazing at him in mild confusion.

“Well clearly it’s something you don’t want me to see,” Carlos says unaccusingly, flopping down onto the couch. He rests his chin on Cecil’s shoulder and peers over at the laptop. “Is is a new surprise editorial for your show?”

“Yes,” Cecil announces with a huff. “I’ve… compiled an interesting list on invisible corn variations with the help of John Peters, you know, the farmer.”

“You know your mouth twitches when you’re lying, right?”

The radio host winces. His fingers drum across the laptop nervously and he looks pointedly at anywhere else in the room but the man next to him.

“It’s… my blog?”

Carlos smiles. “Try again.”

“A written plea to Station Management to reduce the daily keening outside their offices to a three hour minimum?”

"You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to,” he says kindly. “Just say so.”

“No no that’s not it at all dear Carlos!” Cecil explains hurriedly. “I just… Oh, fine.”

Tentatively, Cecil lifts up the laptop lid. The screen blinks back into existence to show a word processor, bespeckled with tiny red error lines beneath words here and there; clearly something in its first draft.

“It’s a… fanfiction,” Cecil mumbles. “You know, those stories online authors write based on other peoples books and movies and television shows?”


“I-It’s one of those. Based off the movie Jaws? It’s one of my favorite movies. And I really enjoy the characters,” he continues, slowly beginning to light up with enthusiasm. “And the plot! It’s, uhm, a slash fiction actually. Its set on the boat and I think I’ve described the emotions of everyone during the most pivotal scenes of the movie quite well, actually.”

He rolls his eyes. “I mean, I’ve only seen the movie a billion times. It’s gotten good reviews, too! One or two other authors have drawn contributed art for me which was so nice. And I… uhm.”

Cecil glances over at Carlos. The scientist is no longer nestled against his shoulder but sitting a few feet away. He looks highly uncomfortable with the entire theme of the conversation.

Cecil feels a flush burning his cheeks. “But, but I mean I only wrote it because I was inspired by another author! There’s so many great ones on the site I post to and they all write so well, and I came across another Jaws fanfiction that was beautifully done, and I wanted to try my own.”

Carlos shrinks back into himself as if attempting to hide behind the cushions.

“It had a lot of good reviews too, had been published for some time actually, oh if only I could remember the name! What was it, Thrilling Existence? Yes I think-”

Carlos flinches right as the name rolls from Cecil’s mouth and tries to look, if possible, even smaller.

The radio host stops. He stares across the couch in confusion, and it clicks.


The tiniest of nods answers him.

“That’s your username?”

Another tiny nod, and a sheepish half smile.


“Yes but Cecil listen, I-”

“IT WAS YOUUU,” Cecil shouts again, and promptly tackles him.

OhmygodCarlosIneverknewyouwereawriterohmyGOD!” he exclaims into the scientist’s ear as he wraps his arms around the other. “Why didn’t you tell me! You were the one who inspired me? Your favorite movie must be jaws then, too! How can you possibly be good at science and writing, you really are perfect, oh Carlos!”

Any words Carlos tries to speak are drowned beneath the sudden onslaught of kisses, and the additional onslaught of one rambling radio host innocent and ignorant of his accidental attempt to crush the person beneath him. Instead of trying to speak, he starts to laugh, loud and hard.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Cecil repeats. “Wait, why are you laughing?”

“I’m not-” Carlos wipes an eye, trying hard to speak through another bout of giggles. “I’m not laughing at you, don’t worry! This is simply the complete opposite of what I expected. I didn’t tell you because I was afraid of what you’d think.”

“I was afraid of what you’d think, too!”

“Then we both got a little self conscious for no reason, huh?” Carlos says, beaming.

Cecil chuckles, bringing his voice down to a normal indoor level. “I guess so. Can I… maybe have a look at other things you’ve written?” he asks shyly.”

“As long as I can see other things you’ve written, too?” comes the reply, just as bashful.

“Deal! Oh! You know what this means now?”


“We can have fanfiction writing parties!”

“I’m not sure that’s a thin-”

“Yes! We can sit with our laptops and get bad takeout food and write here on the couch, and exchange interesting vocabulary words and plot ideas and I’m so excited! Can we write a fic together? Oh can we?”

He finishes the sentence once more shouting, looking down at Carlos with a child like excitement. Carlos starts to laugh again, thinking of how weird his life has become and how lucky he is to have it.

 A dream. An absolute dream. Thank you so much!

Hey, so you remeber this post you made (“Oh my god, can you imagine if when Cecil revealed that he wrote Jaws fanfiction to Carlos, the scientist looked incredibly uncomfortable, and Cecil flushed, babbling on about how he only wrote them because he was inspired by another fanfic author, oh what’s their name now, was it…something like ThrillingExistence- and then when he sees Carlos hide under a cushion he understands and shouts, “IT WAS YOUUU!””). Yeah, I wrote a fanfic of it. I hope you like it! *flies away*

"I’m home!", Cecil heard Carlos shout cheerfully from the door. "And I brought you a little surprise!"
Cecil continued to type the sentence he was writing.
“Where are you?”, he heard Carlos ask.
“I’m in the office!”, he replied.
Cecil heard some footsteps, a little knock on the door, and saw Carlos come in. He quickly closed the laptop and turned around to Carlos.
“What are you doing here?”, Carlos asked, curious.
“Just doing some work.”
“Uh huh. Well, look what I brought you…”, Carlos said happily, taking a box out of his backpack, and shaking it in front of Cecil. “Cupcakes!”, he said excitedly.
“Cupcakes?”, Cecil asked, his eyes widening in delight.
“Made with no wheat or wheat by-products?”
“Give me one.”, Cecil pleaded.
Carlos gave one to Cecil, and looked at the computer.
“So, what exactly were you doing?”, he asked.
“Oh, just writing tomorrow’s radio show”, Cecil said, while eating the cupcake.
“You usually never do that in advance.”
“Uh… It’s a big one tomorrow.” Cecil explained, nervously.
“Really? Oh, let me read!”, Carlos said happily. He loved Cecil’s radio shows, and he liked helping him write them.
“No, no, you don’t need to…”, Cecil said, but it was too late, as Carlos had already opened up the computer and started reading. After a while, Carlos turned around to Cecil.
“Hmmm… sweetie, this… this isn’t your radio show, is it?”, Carlos asked, carefully.
“No…”, Cecil answered, ashamed of himself.
“This… this is a Jaws slash fic, isn’t it?”, Carlos asked, afraid of the answer.
“Yes…”, Cecil blushed.
Carlos made a concerned face and looked at Cecil, who looked like he was panicking.
“Carlos, let me explain!”
“No, Cecil, really, it’s okay, I don’t mind at all…”, Carlos started, but Cecil interrupted.
“No, no, no. I want to explain. I… One day, I was bored, and I started searching about Jaws on Google, and then appeared something called fanfiction. So, I read the first one, and I liked it, and I decided to search more.” Cecil paused, and thought for a while, trying to remember the details. “Yes… And then, I found one, a really, really amazing fanfiction, really really well written, and I just loved it. Really, you should’ve read it Carlos. So, I started looking for more fanfictions of that author… What was his name?”, Cecil thought for a second. “It was something like… ThrillingExistence or something like that? Anyways… Uh… Carlos? Carlos, are you alright?” , Cecil looked at his boyfriend, who was blushing uncontrollably, his cheeks bright red. Carlos gave a little nod to Cecil, and the radio host continued. “As I was saying, I started writing because of that author. Really Carlos, you should read his fanfictions, they are amazing.”
Carlos blushed even more, and laid down slowly on the sofa, burying his face on the cushion.
“Carlos, are you alright? Why are you acting so strange today? Unless…” Cecil thought for a moment, and suddenly it all clicked.
“You!”, he said, rather loudly, pointing to Carlos. “You are the author! You are ThrillingExistence!”
Carlos gave a slow nod, and breathed in slowly, trying to calm himself down.
“Yes…”, Carlos said, getting mentally prepared to be ridiculed.
“Why haven’t you written more? I want more of your fics. They were beautiful.”, Cecil said, in the most innocent tone possible.
Carlos seemed surprised with his reaction. Usually, when people found out, they would make fun of him and his hobbie. He sat up on the couch, scratching his head, and after a moment said:
“Well, I’ve been thinking about something… But I’m not sure if it would work.”
“Tell me!”
“Okay, so, how about… Time traveling sharks?”
“Oh. My. God. Yes!”, Cecil said, eager to start writing fanfiction with his boyfriend.

Time travelling sharks- eee! Thank you- this was lovely :)


Can you imagine if Kevin R. Free became the voice of Joseph Fink for the next several episodes? Just…

"Hellooooooo…. this is Joseph Fink *giggle* creator of Welcome to Night Vale."

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